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Accountants job description

SAP, Excel, and calculators are your tools – you are completely focused. As an accountant, you can hardly afford to make a mistake because here you are, the master of the bills. You are responsible for the annual financial statements, plan organizational processes, and are the number 1 contact in accounting. You will find out how you learn this demanding job with us.

As an accountant, you should, of course, have an excellent understanding of mathematics and a precise and conscientious way of working. Accountants often also take on management positions in the accounting of a company. They take care of the company’s balance sheet primarily through their extensive skills and knowledge in accounting and tax law. In addition to preparing the annual financial statements, as an accountant, you also prepare tax returns, budget planning, and cost accounting. You will also accompany the financial audit and are involved in the company’s strategic planning. As an accountant, you help to control the company’s success. But if you want to influence your success already today, then register for free at and write your resume.

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The application for a job offer as an accountant can be made online or in writing. It is not uncommon for an online application to be expressly requested in the job offer. An application as an accountant does not have to be particularly creative. What counts is the care, order, and structure. The content must be convincing and, ideally, allow a positive conclusion about the workability.

Create the cover letter according to the standard for business letters and attach great importance to an excellent description of your motivation and qualifications for this job. The resume is designed in modern form. The resume contains your data as well as your school and professional career. Accountants shine primarily through their skills, less through their social skills, although these, of course, also have a certain value.

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