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Developer job description

The main task of a developer is the design, maintenance, and programming of software programs for a wide variety of purposes. In companies, software developers can be found in almost every area and every industry. Given their versatility, it is not surprising that there are also many opportunities to get a job as a software developer. So you can start studying different courses. Computer science courses, as well as engineering and natural science courses, are well suited for this. Or you complete an apprenticeship in an information technology area, e.g., IT specialist. Some dual study programs are also already being offered.

As a rule, developers can be found in an office, for example, in the company’s software department. But you can also find them in various IT research and development facilities. As varied as the job is, the tasks can also be specific and varied. For example, if you want to work for a software company, you may have direct customer contact and advise them. In research, on the other hand, you tend to work with other specialists and could also be part of projects.

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