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Driver job description

As the driver, you are responsible for the safe and reliable transport of goods or people. The essential requirement is, of course, a valid driver’s license for the vehicle you need and, as a bus or taxi driver, a passenger transport license. This allows you to transport passengers and is independent of the driver’s license. If you decide to transport goods, you will, in most cases, need to be able to show a truck driver’s license. Furthermore, as a driver, regardless of the chosen professional field, you stand out in particular through your reliability, flexibility, punctuality, and conscientious driving style. You have no problem spending your entire working day behind the wheel of a taxi, truck, limousine, or bus. Your workplace is the driver’s seat and your second home is the road. As a driver, you can find jobs with a wide variety of companies, such as a freight driver, taxi driver, coach driver, chauffeur, delivery driver, or even a supplier driver for restaurants. Your working hours are therefore flexible and depend very much on your employer and the trade you choose. So use your resume as an opportunity to convince your potential employer of your precise way of working.

Sample for the cover letter and resume as a driver

An application as a driver classically takes place in writing with a cover letter, resume, and copies of certificates unless the potential employer otherwise requests the form of presentation of the application. Online application is on the rise, and of course, this also applies to this job description. The job advertisement usually states whether the application should be made via the Internet or by other means.

Because reliability is necessary for this job, the application should convey this quality. A proper modern resume and a proper cover letter are therefore essential. In a successful cover letter, you should leave no doubt about your motivation and qualifications. The resume offers a comprehensive view of your data and your professional and academic career.

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