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Would you like to apply for a job as a flight attendant? Then you can increase your chances enormously by shining with an application that is perfect in terms of content and visually appealing and that meets all requirements. With our templates for cover letters and resumes, you can create your application in next to no time, download it or, if you wish, send it directly. Use our numerous free services and take off in your career as a flight attendant!

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Flight attendant job description: What to expect in everyday working life

The flight attendant training differs from training for other professions, as it is not completed in cooperation with a vocational school but the form of courses. The advantage here is that this training can be completed after just a few weeks and does not take several years. The airline requires a middle school leaving certificate as standard. Another advantage: If you work as a flight attendant, you will gain numerous experiences and travel to many countries worldwide. Your characteristics and strengths play a particularly important role. For example, a high level of social skills is required, as you have to be there for all questions, worries, and fears of the passengers during the flight and should guarantee them the most pleasant journey possible. Your friendly and empathetic approach to people will make any airline happy.

Further requirements are pronounced flexibility and resilience. Some flights experience turbulence or delays, which in turn can lead to stressful situations in which you should keep a cool head. You are also responsible for safety on board by giving a safety briefing. Since this is also carried out in other languages, you can score points with good foreign language skills. You should feel comfortable in the confined space of the aircraft and have no problem with irregular working hours. Are you ready for a job high above the clouds, and do you stay relaxed and professional even under stress? Then a career as a flight attendant might be a perfect fit for you!

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An application as a flight attendant can be made with a classic written application folder with a cover letter and resume or with an online application. There is hardly any other profession that pays more attention to the external appearance than the stewardess or steward. Care should be taken when taking application photos. An application as a flight attendant with a picture suitable for criticism does not have an excellent chance of success. The cover letter should be well worded and clearly state that the motivation and qualifications are present. The resume should be drawn up in modern form and reverse-chronological reflect the career of the prospective flight attendant.

In addition to our free application templates, which were specially designed for flight attendants, we also offer you many resume guides with valuable tips and tricks on the extensive topic of careers. Whether you are preparing for an interview or negotiating the right salary with us, you are never on your own.