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The resume reflects your professional career and gives recruiters an impression of you. That is why it is essential to build it carefully when you are looking for a job. This document must address your goals, professional career, and education and highlight your key competencies concerning your job application. The clearer and more professional your resume are, the better your chances of being invited to an interview. He must highlight your application and your skills. When creating your resume, do not be afraid to pick the most suitable from the available templates and go through the guide.
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Looking to create a resume that stands out? This section will find many different templates for your Resume that you can edit and download in PDF format for free. In addition, you benefit from contemporary designs with color accents and sample texts for inspiration. By clicking on the "Create My Resume" button, you will be taken directly to the online builder page of your desired template. There you will also find visually matching designs for your Cover Letter.

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Writing a resume - content and structure

The content of your resume is relatively limited and focuses on four areas because your information should add value to the reader. This means that the content should remain relevant and either relate to your future position or underpin one of your character traits. The job advertisement offers you a lot of keywords that you can ideally include in your resume. To structure your resume clearly, divide it into different categories or sections using appropriate headings. You can choose the specific names individually and summarize some categories if necessary. Each of these bullet points can represent its category but does not have to be. For example, if you have not completed any further training, this section does not apply. Language skills can also be listed independently if you have an excellent knowledge of the language. Otherwise, this point can be summarized in one category with other skills.

Contact Information

Your resume always begins with a section containing your contact details, such as:

  • your first and last name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • and email address.

These are often placed in a clear design in the header or in left sidebar.

resume template contacts
resume template profile

The Summary or Profile area

The summary or profile area is not a classic section of the resume. Still, it is highly recommended if you already have a lot of practical experience and are applying for a management position, for example.

This area acts as a " mini-short profile. " There, you can list your competencies, qualifications, and fields of experience that are highly relevant to the new job. This gives the HR manager a quick insight into your skills.

Work experience

The presentation of your professional and academic stations always starts with the category that is most relevant to your new position. Regardless of the order in which you list this information, the following points should always be covered: work experience, school and professional training (apprenticeship, study, school), internships, and part-time jobs/activities.

Which classification makes sense depends on the individual career and the desired position. You can find different approaches for different professions and situations.

The individual professional stations are given in reverse chronological order. They must contain the following information: start and end date (month and year), employer and place, position, and information about your activities and responsibilities.

resume template work experience

Especially with relevant and current positions on your resume, it is essential to integrate more precise job descriptions. Extraordinary successes and budget or personnel responsibilities can be added to the appropriate places in the resume. This information underlines your competence and shows the HR manager how much responsibility you already had and what you could achieve with your work.


  • Budget responsibility: 2 million
  • Coordination of a 25-person team
  • Reduction of costs by 16% through the successful implementation of the XY system
resume template education

Information on Education

When you provide information on your academic and professional career, the exact job or course designations and your successful graduation will be added separately. If you have achieved a specialization, you can also mention it. If you completed a semester abroad during your studies, you could add this to the relevant position in your resume. This includes the country and the university.

Special qualifications and additional knowledge

After fully describing your professional and educational background, you can add additional categories to your resume. These can be chosen individually. The purpose of these additional categories is to make your unique qualifications and experience clear. When choosing your information, you should consider which of your competencies can best substantiate your suitability for the advertised position.

At the end of your resume, your additional knowledge and other information will find their place. We are talking about languages, IT skills, information about the driver's license, relevant hobbies, and interests. It would help if you made a conscious choice and always keep an eye on the relationship to the job when you provide information.

In our technological world and the course of digitization, distinctive IT skills are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, you should provide them in detail. On the other hand, you should only state interests and hobbies on your resume if they provide an essential insight into your personality and are relevant to the company.

Frequently asked questions about the Resume

How to fill in employment gaps on resume?

These days, gaps in the resume are nothing out of the ordinary. Gaps that have lasted less than six months are therefore usually unproblematic. However, it would help if you thought about what you have done during this time and ask yourself whether you can use your "free" time as work preparation. Also, prepare a suitable answer to possible questions in the interview. In general, it is advantageous to take further training or suitable courses during periods of unemployment so that you can mention them later on your resume.

How to explain maternity leave on a resume?

No law or regulation requires you to declare your parental leave. We recommend, according to the motto: "Honesty lasts the longest.", To indicate the time anyway. Especially since parental leave also says a lot about your values and is already supported by many companies these days. If your previous employer still employs you, add parental leave to the description of your professional station. Should you complete further training or something similar during your parental leave, it makes sense to indicate this in the same place. In addition, you can optically bring the training to the fore by formatting the point in bold or italic. If you didn't have a job beforehand or you quit shortly before parental leave, you can include the information about your parental leave as a single point on your resume. If there is already a category "Other," you can add the time there. Another possibility is to indicate your baby break with the heading "Family phase" or "Parental leave."

Can I create a resume for any job with

Yes, if you want, you can use our resume creator to create an industry-specific resume for any job using various resume templates. We provide you with various resume templates for different industries or companies. You will also find various resume templates in our resume editor that can be adapted to your profile and tailored to the position you wish to apply for. Regardless of your professional field, can help you create a successful resume to stand out in your industry and secure an interview! We even have resume tips for job seekers in various industries specifically tailored to your needs.

Dos & Don'ts for your Resume


  • Cover letter and Resume consistent in content
  • Clear structure
  • Complete career
  • Content geared towards added value
  • Antichronological structure
  • Choose an attractive, uniform design
  • Insert your resume in the right place in your application: behind the cover letter and, if applicable, cover sheet and in front of your references, attestations, and certificates.


  • Duplicate or false information
  • Spelling mistake
  • Error in the order of the information
  • More than two pages
  • Confusing structure
  • More than three different fonts
  • Too many visual elements
  • Information about the primary school
  • Irrelevant hobbies and interests